Software Support Engineer - San Isidro - GBA Norte

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The Software Support Engineer is in charge of understanding at code level the solutions provided to customers, researching for workarounds and solutions, and needs to have an excellent communication skills with customers since also have to assist them by providing explanations, workarounds and solutions.


- High qualified development skill to be able to understand and research issues reported by users.

- Good skills on testing to provide high quality solutions.

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English since it will be required close contact to customers.

- Passion for customer's success.

- Ability to learn technology quicky through instruction and self-training

- Curiosity, initiative to learn and contribute with other team members.

- Initiative to inquire, investigate and propose improvements.

- Excellent skill communication internal and external.

- Ability to manage multiple queries in parallel with tight SLA and deadlines.


- Solving inquiries, issues and problems at code or configuration level by interacting with customers and internally with the different areas involved.

- Test each solution before sending answers to customers to ensure quality.

- Contact customers through different communication channels to get more information, communicate results among other actions to be taken.

- Ensure quality on solutions provided to customers.

- Be able to provide and receive training in terms of products, practices, and projects to understand deeply each customer/project.

- Provide workarounds to complex problems and then the fix.

- Be able to provide help on administrative activities of the area that allow to maintain updated all internal information and documentation.


Systens Engineering Degree / Degree in Computer Science

Other requirements

- Salesforce tools

- Identify the system requirements

- Knowledge and experience in different project methodologies

- Knowledge and experience in tools for project management

- Loyalty programs (Concept)


- Certifications preferably related (Itil, etc)

- A minimum of 4 years experience in Support area and CRM (desirable)

- Customer facing experience (or remote), demonstrated communication ability is required

- Previous experience analyzing systems

- Previous experience in Oriented Object Programming

- Previous experience in Java

- Knowledge or experience in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

- Experience in WEB projects



Shift pattern:  4 AM - 1 PM ART (GMT -3)

On Call 7-24 hs including holidays

Workplace: San Isidro  - GBA Norte


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